"I lead a large group of radio stations and I can’t encourage involvement with the Virginia Association of Broadcasters strongly enough.  The legal assistance available to all members for no charge, the Best of the Best Leadership Program that allows station team members to grow in their positions as well as learn about themselves and others they work with, the value of the Annual Summer Convention, sales training, summer internship program, it all adds up for growth for my people and my group.  I couldn’t be prouder to be an active participant with the VAB and encourage all broadcasters to do the same!"

President/General Manager
Summit Media, Richmond
Bob Willoughby

"I feel that this organization is one of the most vital organizations for a state broadcaster. The VAB group works together constantly to not only further the cause of all broadcasters, but also make sure broadcasters interests are accounted for on the national scale and on Capitol Hill.  VAB helps all broadcasters large and small, across the state of Virginia."

President/General Manager
Saga Communications, Chesapeake
Wayne Leland