Ad Campaign

The VAB has launched a major multi-media advertising campaign that positions local radio and television as being more contemporary and more relevant than ever. It's up to you, our VAB member stations, to make sure the spots get aired and the message gets out.

And what a message it is! We have facts to prove our dominance to rational thinkers and emotional moments that will win over hearts. The recurring thread throughout the advertising is the fact that people spend more time with radio and television than all other media combined. This is how people choose to spend their time, and as a result, local radio and television reach more people and touch more lives. What more could a business owner want in an advertising medium? Well, if they want to compliment local broadcasting with web visibility, we also point out that local broadcast station websites are the most visited local sites around. That combination makes local radio and television advertising a no brainer.

This is the biggest advertising effort ever undertaken by the VAB and we're expecting big things to happen because of it. With your help, this campaign is sure to become a milestone moment for local broadcasting. Of course, you need to leverage this advertising while it's out there in order to get your share of the sales it will generate. The first step is to know how the various elements interact with each other.


Campaign Elements

Whiteboard General

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