Virginia Broadcast Solutions (VBS)

What if… your organization had access to the incredibly persuasive power of more than 350 television and radio stations across Virginia?  What if you could selectively reach a specific target audience of Virginians, and make them aware of valuable information about the unique services that your organization offers? 


Virginia Broadcast Solutions is your best resource for powerful, efficient and effective broadcast advertising campaigns.  VBS maintains strong relationships with virtually all broadcasters and many other media companies in Virginia.  We have a long history of being able to expedite delivery of critical messages to specific groups of people in either major metropolitan areas, or small markets - anywhere in or adjacent to Virginia.  Broadcasters and media companies compensate VBS for our services, so there is no additional cost to your organization beyond cost of the approved media budget. 

Virginia Broadcast Solutions is focused on obtaining results!  We provide expert media buying services and complete project management based on your specific needs, target audience, message content and particular geographical priorities.

VBS offers advertisers and marketers unique statewide and/or regional advertising campaigns with a simple turnkey solution.  Our independent media team is highly experienced, well respected, and has a long track record of maximizing the value of purchased media.  VBS is eVA registered and has qualified as a small VA business under the Department of Minority Business Enterprise (DMBE).  Additionally, our media team is qualified and recognized as a small, woman owned business under DMBE rules.

VBS will definitely help your organization communicate with Virginians using the unmatched power of broadcast advertising.  The strong relationships we have forged with broadcasters benefit our clients with generous amounts of leveraged value-added.  Finally, our One Order, One Check, One Invoice solution  simplifies the entire media buying process.  Our responsibilities always include:  understanding your needs, creating a media plan, negotiating and reserving media, monitoring vendor performance, verifying contracted deliverables, checking invoices vs. orders, handling make-goods and paying all vendors from approved funding…  Plus, we do not mark-up additional production or research fees if required for the campaign. 

Please call James Levy, VBS Vice President & General Manager (james.levy@easterassociates.com) at (804)643-4433 x 201.

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